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1 Day – Paediatric First Aid

The Paediatric First Aid course equips individuals with the First Aid knowledge and skills needed to act in emergency paediatric first aid situations such as with choking and seizures. Having a good understanding of emergency paediatric first aid is incredibly important for the safety of children and it could mean the difference between life and death. The Emergency Paediatric First Aid qualification has been designed in-line with the current Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) requirements.

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Our 1-day paediatric first aid course is perfect for those looking to work with young people and children, as well as those working towards an Early Years educator qualification.

The qualifications that we offer – Regulated 3 Year Level 3/6 Award in Emergency Paediatric First Aid EPFA / Unregulated 3 Year – adheres to all of the Department of Education legislation surrounding emergency and full paediatric first aid certification, so if you’re looking to work with children, be sure to contact our team to meet the guidelines.

First Aid Paediatric Course in Delph, Greater Manchester, Liverpool

We offer our paediatric first aid courses throughout the Greater Manchester, Liverpool, and Yorkshire areas to ensure that everyone has access to exceptional training and the qualifications that might help you to save a life in an emergency. We know that when it comes to paediatric first aid qualification courses, you need a team that can give you peace of mind with professionalism and availability, and that’s why we can come to you and offer paediatric first aid courses throughout Greater Manchester, Liverpool, and Yorkshire.

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Who is this course for?

The Emergency Paediatric First Aid course is ideal for anyone who cares for infants and children, such as parents, guardians, grandparents or those who have an involvement with infants and children and want to learn key paediatric first aid skills. Successful candidates will learn the roles and responsibilities of the emergency paediatric first aider and will be equipped with the skills needed to deal with a range of paediatric first aid situations, such as performing CPR and controlling external bleeding.

Assessment and Certification

In order to complete this course, there will be a range of methods used to demonstrate your knowledge after being taught throughout the First Aid course, this includes practical real-life scenario examples and questioning. The final examination will be multiple choice and open questions. Upon successful completion of this course, each delegate will have the knowledge, confidence, and certification to be a responsible First Aider in their workplace.

Your Emergency Paediatric First Aid certificate will expire three years after the date of completion. However, for this course, annual refresher training is recommended by the HSE each year between the three years.

How do I book this course?

It has never been easier to book a First Aid course. If you are an individual looking to book onto our Paediatric First Aid course then simply scroll down to view available dates at our venue and register your attendance. Please note you will be c0ntacted by a member of our team to process the payment for this event. Please remember, if you are looking to book 5 or more delegates onto this course then it may be more time and cost-effective for you to book this First Aid course at your venue which you can enquire about via the link below

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What is covered?
  • Understand the role and responsibilities of the paediatric first aider
  • Be able to assess an emergency situation safely
  • Be able to provide first aid for an infant and a child who is unresponsive and breathing normally
  • Be able to provide first aid for an infant and a child who is unresponsive and not breathing normally
  • Be able to provide first aid for an infant and a child who is choking
  • Be able to provide first aid to an infant and a child with external bleeding
  • Understand how to provide first aid to an infant and a child who is suffering from shock
  • Understand how to administer first aid to an infant and a child with bites, stings and minor injuries

Course Dates

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